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FINAL Vol. X, No. 1 Formerly Deep Outside SFFH—A Professional Web-Only Magazine of Speculative & Dark Fiction—since 1998
January 2007
Closing submissions effective January 1, 2007—Final issue Spring 2007. Stories active at Fictionwise until Jan 2012. 2021 Renovation Info.
Shaun's Quadrant Interviews by Shaun Farrell Transmissions Media reviews by John Kenneth Muir
Reviews by Shaun Farrell
Broadband Notices and Editorial by John T. Cullen

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John Kenneth Muir bids farewell to Far Sector SFFH…

Reviews By:
Shaun Farrell
A. L. Sirois

John T. Cullen:
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Humorous Column by Dennis Latham: Ask The Smart Guy

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Our John K. Muir was recently honored by the New York Public Library. His encyclopedia has been named one of their top ten picks for excellence in a reference work. Congratulations, John Muir! Check out John's website and his encyclopedia:

Questions? Thoughts? Contact Far Sector SFFH—click. NOTE: and Far Sector SFFH are closed, with SWC now only a subfolder at Clocktower Books. Please do enjoy these writings. Author contracts remained in place and they continued to be paid until the final closing of in 2012. The final paychecks went out in February 2013, shortly after we received closing statements from Barnes & Noble (which had bought out Fictionwise in their final two years)..

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction See a listing for this magazine, along with a brief history as Deep Outside SFFH morphed into Far Sector SFFH (1998-2007). We made history, publishing both promising newbies and established names. Some had already won Nebulas and Sturgeons, or been nominated for Hugos, while others went on to win great awards. Among our many SFFH authors were (alfa order, partial list): Andrew Burt, Deborah Cannon, Joseph D'Lacey, Linda Dunn, Kameron Hurley, Jak Koke, Ted Kosmatka, Dennis Latham, Tim Pratt, A. L. Sirois, Justin Stanchfield, Paula R. Stiles, Melanie Tem, Andrew Vacchs, Pat York, and many more. The first story in 1998 and the last story in 2007 were both by A. L. Sirois. We were the first professional, SFWA rate paying, web-only online magazine of SFFH without print antecedents. We innovated, we dreamed, we had fun, and we closed shop when time was right.—John T. Cullen.

Closed—Now A Museum Site, But Enjoy. Click the red Clocktower Books logo at left to return to our central directory. Clocktower Books, online since 1996 and a pioneer in e-books and Internet publishing since 1996, continues to deliver "exciting fiction for avid readers" as our logo has declared since the dawn of the World Wide Web.

Sorry, We Are Closed After a Wonderful Decade-Long Run. [Note: please pardon any broken links.] Until late 2012, when Barnes & Noble closed Fictionwise, you were able to read dozens of great sf/f/h speculative & dark fiction stories at our dedicated pages (defunct as of late 2012). Clocktower Books and Far Sector SFFH had their own dedicated page in addition to special hosted author pages and individual stories.

Payment: Historical Note. Deep Outside SFFH (1998-2001) began before Web commerce and is still online as such. We paid authors the professional SFWA wage up front, and published their stories free to read (since there was no e-commerce yet). With the switch to Far Sector SFFH (purely a continuation of the same magazine) we initiated a revolutionary (for magazines) new pay plan, with a small advance to the author, plus royalties ongoing for the duration of Fictionwise.

We published some of the most compelling web-original fiction from the Internet Platinum and Golden Ages when digital publishing was still embryonic, and anything seemed possible.

Far Sector SFFH and Clocktower Books at

About Our Fiction. While many of the original Deep Outside SFFH stories remain online to be read for free (since before e-commerce), our stories at Far Sector SFFH went offline with the closing of by Barnes & Noble in early 2012. Some have found their way to other publishers, including anthologies, printed or digital.

When we launched Far Sector SFFH in 2001 (as the continuation of Deep Outside SFFH, we innovated a dramatic new publishing model for short stories. All too often, we observed print magazines that launched with hooplah, lasted for one or two issues, and folded. It seemed that usually, these magazines were a collaborative effort of authors, who passed the hat around, and then the magazine pretended to pay them—a chronic dilemma we sought to avoid at all costs.

Forging these new trails, we paid authors regularly and faithfully 50% of the revenues we received from Fictionwise (which kept 50% of the list price). The money was peanuts for all of us (true of most category fiction) but the model worked. Proof of this was not only our long run, but the fact that major authors including several Nebula/Hugo/Sturgeon nominees or awardees (e.g., former SFWA Director Dr. Andrew Burt, Melanie Tem, Tim Pratt, SFWA Regional Director Linda Dunn, Dennis Latham, Deborah Cannon, Priscilla Y. O'Brien, the late Nebula-nominee Pat York, Ted Kosmatka, and many others) signed up with us—the highest tribute possible, far more than recognition by any establishment servomat whose Backwardians still subscribe to a 1930s print paradigm by which they were once Futurians, long ago). Today, the Far Sector SFFH stories are history since Fictionwise was, by design, our sole outlet. The authors too have moved on, but the glory remains. We were pioneers together.

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