K.J. Anderson/ Br. Herbert (Sep 2006)
Ray Bradbury (May 2005)
Josh Conviser (Aug 2006)
Greg Bear (November 2006)
Tobias S. Buckell (July 2006)
Chitra Divakaruni (June 2005)
Kim Harrison (1) (June 2005)
Kim Harrison (2) (June 2006)
He-Man Staff (February 2006)
Br. Herbert/K.J. Anderson (Sep 2006)
He-Man Staff (February 2006)
Paul Levinson (May 2006)
Jeff Mariotte (August 2005)
Dennis L. McKiernan (July 2005)
Larry Niven (Aug 2006)
Nick Sagan (June 2006)
R.A. Salvatore (December 2005)
Michael A. Stackpole (May 2005)
Harry Turtledove (September 2005)
John Varley (July 2005)
Vernor Vinge (April 2006)
Martha Wells (March 2006)
Tad Williams (October 2006)
Paula Woods (January 2006)
Timothy Zahn (March 2006)

Shaun's Podcast Interviews

November 2006: L.E. Modesitt Jr., author of the Recluse novels; Sam Enthoven, author of The Black Tattoo; and Lou Anders, Editorial Director of Pyr Books


Retrospective/Things To Come (November 2005)

Introduction to Classics Reviews (April 2005)

Fritz Lang's Metropolis (October 2005)

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