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About Shaun Farrell

Shaun Farrell joined Far Sector SFFH in April of 2005. In addition to taking over the Singularities Review page from A.L. Sirios, Shaun has developed a column entitled Shaun's Quadrant. This column features original interviews with best-selling authors, as well as his Classic Review series, where he examines the great works of speculative fiction's past, hoping to help preserve them for future generations. He has a B. A. in literature, but his love for great stories started at a young age when he wore out several tapes of Return of the Jedi. In addition to his love for reading and literature, Shaun studies acting and has appeared on stage in several productions over the past two years. He and his wife live in southern California. You can visit Shaun's website at www.shaunfarrell.com.

In addition to his monthly Singularities review, Shaun Farrell serves as critic and opiner at large for Far Sector SFFH. His far-ranging inquiries have already netted interviews with Ray Bradbury and Michael A. Stackpole.

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